I first fell in love with photography as a teenager when my father gave me an early model Nikon camera. I embarked on a love affair with photography that would eventually become not only a passion, but a dynamic, fulfilling career.

After studying photojournalism at Boston University, I apprenticed with a National Geographic photographer for five years. In a role that took me around the world, I honed my skills into a vibrant style that conveys a true love of people and culture. I found that my ease and affability with others enabled me to capture fascinating moments in the lives of people around the world.

I first settled in NYC as a photo editor for Barnes & Noble and soon accepted a position with the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC. In my capacity as a photo editor, I apply my experience as a photographer, world traveler and cultural ambassador to creating engaging and award-winning photography books. Working with some of the world’s top photographers has further inspired my personal style of shooting.

I'm proud that my photography has appeared in a wide variety of newspapers, magazines, art galleries and National Geographic books. Still a lover of international travel and culture, I visit the remote corners of the world when my schedule allows. Closer to home, I have evolved my love of chronicling the lives of people into a unique style, capturing the priceless moments of weddings, relationships and families.